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Recent News

CYBERTECH 2015 the event for Cyber Industry in Tel-Aviv ISRAEL

25 March, 2015


WizLAN release WSD-6 - Single / Uni-Directional Gigabit Network/Data Diodes

11 November, 2014

WizLAN release WSD-6 - Single / Uni-Directional Gigabit Network/Data Diodes, TXO and RXO.
The WSD-6 provides highest level of Uni-Directional network access security, immunity and hacker/intrusion protection.


WizLAN release WSD-600 - Single / Uni-Directional Gigabit Network to Network Data Diodes.

11 November, 2014

WizLAN release WSD-600 - Single / Uni-Directional Gigabit Network to Network Data Diodes.


WizLAN summarize Great IFSEC London Show

23 June, 2014

We had an extremely successful exhibition at IFSEC 2014, the International Security show in London.
Thanks for visiting our booth.


Attending IFSEC International, B-100 in LONDON June 17-19 2014. See our NETWORK CYBER SECURITY

30 April, 2014


WizLAN release WI-1200 - Industrial/Outdoor Ultra PoE Gigabit Switch, Cyber Security Ready

11 March, 2014

Ultimate building block for Safe-city, CityNet, Security, Survailance & monitoring networks as well as for Critical Infrastructure, Utility companies, Highway control & monitoring and Industrial networks


WP-690B Newsletter

6 June, 2013

Gigabit + PoE af/at 45x45 system Duct/Installation Switch


Cyber Securtiy - WSD and VectorIT transparent Network Diodes

1 May, 2013

WizLAN announce Certified and Approved Cyber product
VIT-400 - Network to Network diode with Unideirectional transfer SW application.
VIT-42/TX and RX - Fiber optice network diode with Unidetrectional transfer SW application.


WUP-806 UnInterrupted PoE+ Gigabit Switch

28 February, 2013

Metro PoE/PoE+ Gigabit Switch with internal Battery Backup


WizLAN release the WP-690B/PS-SI

10 October, 2012

WP-690B/PS-SI is a Snap-In power supply for the WP-690B, fits into 45x45 duct systems.


Wiz-Init - New version release

22 January, 2012

New version of Wiz-Init - WizLAN application for initial device configuration via the network in now available for download at the Support --> Download Zone --> Tools tab.
The new version 1.21 improves the device discovery by combining broadcast and multicast in the process.


WizLAN announce full Gigabit PoE+ Installation switch for 45x45 systems - WP-690B

28 December, 2011

WP-690B is a fully manageable Gigabit installation/duct switch that fits into 45x45 systems.

The WP-690B provides five triple speed RJ45 ports, four external supporting PoE+ one daisy chain, and one F/O uplink port - 100M/1000M SFP.

The WP-690B is powered by a special, Snap-In 45x45 duct system external power supply which is supplied with the unit.


Uninterrupted Access & Services, PoE/PoE+, Internal Battery backup - WUP-806/809

5 December, 2011

WizLAN announce of a new product line - WUP which intrduce unique uninterrupted, fully managed Telco-grade PoE Gigabit switch suitable for high survivability F/O networks and services.


Network/Data Diodes - WSD-2/TXO and RXO

1 March, 2011

WizLAN offers unique Fast Ethernet F/O converter (Network/Data Diode) that assures Single Direction data transfer.
The unique technology was tested and NISA approved for Critical Infrastracture Protection (CIF) such as defence, security, utilities, industry data secured applications.


Green Industrial PoE converter

4 October, 2010

Green, Power Saving operation of the WI-210/PSE


Industrial/Outdoor DIN rail Power Supplies

18 August, 2010

To complement the industrial/outdoor devices WizLAN offers a variety of industrial/outdoor DIN rail power supplies.


Secured Single Direction converters for military, defence and security applications

12 July, 2010

WizLAN release unique Fast Ethernet converter (Network Diode) that assures Single Direction data transfer.
The unique technology is approved and tested for special military, defence and data security applications.


New RSS feed for WizLAN news

28 March, 2010



WizLAN summarize a very successful CeBIT 2008 show

11 March, 2008

With many visitors showing interest at WizLAN product offering WizLAN summarize a very successful CeBIT show. The main attractions were the newly announced Wiz-Industrial (WI) product line, Wiz-Metro product line and the Wiz-Plate office access switches that introduce a new concept in office access and network solutions.


WizLAN announce new Wiz-Stack devices WS-112 and WS-124

2 July, 2007

WizLAN announce new Wiz-Stack devices, WS-112 and WS-124.
The new devices provide fully manageable high density conversions for 100M fast Ethernet communication centers.
WS-112 with 12 converters and the WS-24 with 24 converters in 1U 19" enclosure equipped with dual power supplies and in/out of band management options.
The new devices are available with SC, ST, LC or MTRJ F/O interfaces and an option of either RJ-45 or 50 pin Telco connector(s).


WizLAN announce the release of Uni-Directional Gigabit Network/Data Diodes, WSD-6 and WSD-600

1 January, 1900

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