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Fully Managed Triple Speed Gigabit Converter

  • Fully managed telco-grade triple speed Gigabit converter WM-610 - 10/100/100BaseT to 1000BaseX converter WM-612 - adds fiber optic redundancy to the WM-610
  • Unique isolation between customer’s data and provider’s management
  • Isolated out-of-band (OOB) management port and highly secured in/out of band management access from WizLAN’s Wiz-View/A EMS application, Telnet and Web browser
  • Traffic monitoring port for special applications (optional)
  • One isolated “dry contact” input for sensors and alarms, and one activation “dry” output (optional)
  • Highly reliable 3R technology (Retiming, Reshaping and Regeneration)
  • Enhanced port/converter setting including mode, speed, duplex, flow control, rate limit, learning/aging, as well as MNGT access security, RMON counters etc.
  • Internal AC or DC power supply options
  • Desktop and rack mount installation (1U)

Fully Managed Triple speed Gigabit Converter with Fiber Optic Redundancy 10/100/1000BaseT and 1000BaseX.

This product is used to extend the distance of critical Gigabit fiber optic links, using 3R technology  that re-shapes, re-times and re-generates the signals and assure highly reliable data transfer over the extended fiber optic links.

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