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VIT-400 Cyber Network SecurityNew

 VIT-400 Network to Network Fiber-optic coupled Diode

  • Fast Ethernet single-direction fibeoptic coupled network isolation unit - Network Diode for single direction fully protected network to network data transfers.
  • Approved by the Israeli National Information Security Authorization (NISA).
  • CIP device, Unidirection data transfer between isolated and secured local area networks.
  • VectorIT software installed on the outgoing/ingoing endpoint servers facilitates unidirectionan transfer of certain TCP based protocols as well as raw files over standard Ethernet interfaces - Optional
  • Fully transparent, pure HW, single direction data transfer
  • Auto-negotiation, auto MDI 100Base-T standard interfaces
  • Supports single direction verification of link integrity
  • Dual isolated internal wide-range power supplies.
  • Complete isolation between the incomming and outgoing internal network diodes
  • 19” 1U desktop and rackmount installation
  • The VIT-400 is a Fast Ethernet single-direction network to network fibeoptic coupled isolation device - Network to Network Diode, desigen and approved for Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) connectivity.

    Composed of a pair of single-direction network diodes (VIT-42TX/RX like), internally connected by a single fiber optic cable and having two separated power supplies, the VIT-400 provides complet protection, isolation and security for unidirectional transparent data transfer between two networks.

    Separating between the pure HW network to network diode and the unidirectional VectorIT SW application, installed on the networks endpoint servers, assures unbreakable single-direction solution for protecting the networks against intrusion and leakage.

    VectorIT software application facilitates unidirectional transfer of certain TCP-based protocols as well as raw files over standard Ethernet interfaces with utilization of up-to full wire speed.
    Currently supported protocols are FTP, SMTP TCP and raw files. The software is dedicated to and employs only unidirectional data flow over single or bidirectional link, but has otherwise no relation to data security services.

    The VIT-400 includes a uniqe link verification function in which the link of the incoming endpoint (receiving server) will drop if there is any problem with the end to end link continuity up-to the outgoing endpopint (transmitting server). This is a powerfull HW management feature aspecially for single direction applications.

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