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AS/400 Active Star

  • Supports IBM5250Express 2Mbps and IBM5250 1Mbps
  • Full connectivity range from 7 to 112 ports
  • Repeater function for each port
  • Jumper configurable RJ-45 pin assignment (pin number and polarity)
  • Enhanced LED indications
  • Modular and stand-alone versions

WizLAN’s Active Star modules provide the ultimate solution for AS/400 networking system. The Active star converts a daisy-chain into a star topology and extends the distance between the AS/400 controller and the terminals using copper link. Two versions are available: WIZ-407E supporting both IBM5250Express 2Mbps and IBM5250 1Mbps rates, and WIZ-407 which supports IBM5250 1Mbps rate only. The WIZ-407/E supports jumper configurable pin-out and polarity on the RJ-45 link and ports. The modules operate independently and provides extensive diagnostics and status display consisting of 10 high visibility LED indicators.

To maximize efficiency and minimize installation costs the WIZ- 407/E modules can be installed in WizLAN 16 or 4 slot modular chassis, saving rack space and outlets, and enabling easy service and maintenance. Both chassis support.

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